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City Of Cochin In 1672 – Antique Map

An antique map of the City of Cochin, now Kochi with its fort. Long before the Portuguese arrived in Cochin, in the 16th century, the town had attained great stature in trade. Ships docked close to Mattancherry harbour. One of the foreign presences was that of the Chinese, very strong in the 14th and 15th centuries. Some kitchen utilities and foods in Kerala exist today because of this Chinese influence. The Portuguese arrived in the 16th century and built their fortification called Emmanuel in 1503. But it became famous with its byname Fort Cochin with which it is called even today.

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Historically many succession battles took place to possess the city. The Dutch took control in the 1660s and downsized the fortification from its original size to a far smaller size. In effect, the destruction of the ramparts began at the time of the Dutch control. Later the British defeated the Dutch in 1795 the fort was completely levelled to the ground under their rule. There is no trace of this magnificent structure today. This map seems to have been drawn in the Dutch period since it shows the outline of both the Dutch and Portuguese fort.

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Did you know- St Francis Church in Kochi built by the Portuguese is India’s first European Church.

From the collection- 1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal On Paper Two Women (#4).,  Types of Indian Native Character – Old Pictorial Book 1910., Taj Mahal Hotel Bombay -1907 Rare Advertisement., Madras Mowbray’s Road – Old Photo 1902

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