Giant British Era Canon – Old Photo 1880

An old 1880 photo of a giant British-era canon.  Known as the “Malik-E-Maidan” or the “Lord Of The Plains”. This “Malik-I-Maidan” or the “Lord Of The Plains” canon is in Bijapur, Karnataka. Bijapur is also well known for its “Gol Gumbaz” a mausoleum dedicated to King Muhammad Adil Shah.

The “Malik-I-Maidan” was variously called “Lord of the battlefields” or “Burj-E-Sherz.” Which was once the largest battle gun in the world. It weighs 55 tons (55,000 Kgs), 5 feet bore, and 15 feet in length. This beautiful ornate gun was made from secret alloys and is unlike the other regular cast iron canons.

The muzzle has the design of a lion’s head devouring an elephant, see images. Being colossal in size and weight, maneuvering this giant would have been a phenomenal task. See a man curled inside the bore which shows the enormity of this battle gun. Notice the giant lifting ring this ring seems to be missing while looking through current pictures of this canon. Click on the photo for better view.

Read more  Malik-e-Maidan, Bijapur. See a current image of the Malik-E-Maidan.

Did you know- Bijapur has several famous canons, other than the Malik-I-Maidan they are the Landa Kasab Tope and Lamcharri 

From the collection- 1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal Art Abstract (#1)., Madras Central Railway Station – Old Print 1873., View Of Cochin – Antique Hand coloured Plan 1704., Nazi Germany’s Map of Bombay With Eagle & Swastika 1940s

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Bourne & Shepherd