British Era Military Prison Trimulgherry, 1890 Postcard

British Era Military Prison Trimulgherry, 1890 Postcard

This is an old 1890 postcard of a British-era Military prison at Trimulgherry. Trimulgherry was a part of Secunderabad during British colonial times. Secunderabad and Hyderabad are twin cities. The military prison was the result of the Indian mutiny of 1858, interning rebels. Since Britishers did not want another rebellion in any part of the country.

The military prison of Trimulgherry was very similar to the dreaded cellular jail of Andaman’s Island. This prison predates the Kalapani cellular jail which was built only in 1906. Spread over 5 acres of land it had a hanging room. Specifically for the execution of prisoners sentenced by the British courts. There were 75 cells, which included 40 on the ground floor and 35 on the first floor.

The cells were designed in such a way that sunlight would never fall on any of them, it would be dimly lit.  This was to break the spirit of the prisoner. The high-security building never had a prisoner escape from its confines. After 1947 the Indian army took over the prison. It was in use till 1984, today it is in the control of the 125th Battalion Territorial Army. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- there were small windows in each cell allowing the prisoner only to see just in from of him. But looking inside the cell from outside would get the complete view of the entire cell room, enabling the authorities to study any prisoner.  

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