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WWI German Cruiser Emden’s Sea Route Map 1914

This is a sea route map of the German Cruiser Emden in 1914, it dates to around 1930. The print is in French and measures- 19 x 13 inches. The dotted line on the map indicates the cruiser’s travel from 27th August to 1st October and the solid line indicates the travel from 1st October to 9th November 1914. The battleship created quite a sensation in ww1 with its dynamic Captain Karl Von Muller at the helm.

The cruiser quietly slipped in near the harbour and bombarded the city of Madras or Chennai on September 22 for almost the whole night. Damaging many structures in a radius of 10 km of the city (the guns range was 12 km). The High Court compound wall, oil tankers, homes, and buildings were damaged in the shelling.

As stealthily it entered the Madras waters on the night of September 22nd, 1914, it disappeared the same way into the vast sea the same night after the shelling. By just in one night the terror it inflicted upon the people was just staggering. The captain carefully avoided human casualties but he desired to terrorize and to do the maximum damage to structures which undoubtedly he accomplished.

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Did you know- the next day after the Emden’s shelling of Madras in 1914 the people fled to the far interiors in complete terror. 

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