View of The Iron Pier From Parry’s Corner Madras, 1895 Photo

View of The Iron Pier From Parry's Corner Madras, 1895 Photo

An 1895 photo of the iron pier harbour viewed from the Parry’s Corner in Madras (Chennai). In 1861, the East India Company completed the construction of the Iron Pier, north of the beach.

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A ‘T’ shaped iron screw pile pier was constructed protruding into the sea from the beach. The length was 1000 feet, 40 feet broad, with a ‘T’-head. It was a basic design with no protection, that was exposed to violent storms and rough seas.

It is not entirely clear whether the simple design of the jetty was because of a financial crunch or for the lack of technology. However, as anticipated by some, a violent storm did breach the jetty in 1870.

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By 1875 the Iron Pier was repaired and restored with great difficulty because of the constant waves and vagaries of weather. But eventually, protective concrete breakwaters with an opening was built enclosing the pier. A permanent Harbour would be created later by the British. Today, Chennai Port is one of the most modern and busiest ports in India.

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Did you know – The railway and marshalling yard constructed in the 1900s is still operational in the port trust area.

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