Viceroy Of British India’s Civil Servant, Postcard 1919

Viceroy Of British India's Civil Servant, 1919 Postcard

Viceroy Of British India's Civil Servant, 1919 Postcard

An old 1919 postcard of a Viceroy of British India’s civil servant. The civil servant is Sir Guy Fleetwood Wilson reading out the Viceroy’s speech. Listening in rapt attention is an august gathering that seems to be Maharajas, princes, and chieftains. This is an unusual postcard and not much is known about the meeting or the occasion.

The viceroy in question may have been Lord Chelmsford. Under Chelmsford’s period the Rowlatt Act was passed and Montague – Chelmsford reform was passed. Sir Guy Fleetwood Wilson was said to be a finance specialist, he served as the finance member of the Viceroy’s council. Before becoming a finance member he served a major portion of his career in the British war office.

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Did you know- in his younger years Lord Chelmsford was a keen cricketer, he captained the Oxford XI and also played for, Middlesex, a county in England.

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