Kolkata Small Cause Court & Street In 1880 – Old Photo

This is one of the oldest photos of Calcutta’s, now Kolkata’s Small Cause Court and Street of 1880. Except for a tonga and two natives seated in front, there is no other traffic or people visible. The British left behind many legacies some of them being the broad streets and magnificent monuments of today’s Kolkata. See my posts- Antique Photograph Government House Calcutta 1890., and  Antique Photo Calcutta Horse-Drawn Tram 1880.

In colonial days Kolkata was the gateway to India on its eastern coast, the rival of Bombay, now Mumbai. Before the coming of the British, Calcutta was a cluster of villages discovered by Job Charnock who is traditionally regarded as the founder. Centuries later the city would grow with magnificently wide boulevards and imposing edifices. One of them as shown in this photograph of the Small Cause Court and Street.

That would leave a newly arrived European in the 19th or early 20th century to gape in astonishment wondering if he was still in Europe. Read more-  More colonial heritage in one city than whole of US, yet its architectural wealth is under constant threat

Do you know- Calcutta was called the city of Palaces because of the number of beautiful buildings built by the British Raj.

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