The Massive Chepauk Palace Madras, 1880 Photo

An 1880 photo of the massive Chepauk Palace, in Madras (Chennai). Located in the heart of Madras, the Nawab of Arcot built the palace in 1768, designed in the Indo-Saracenic style. This was the first building in the Indo-Saracenic style construction in the whole of India or the world at the time.

The Chepauk Palace shows its once-beautiful self in this 1880 photo. A majestic building with sprawling acres of ground, 117 acres to be precise. After the British takeover, it was leased to the various government departments. This continues even today, although the building needs much repair and restoration. See workers pulling carts of water barrels possibly to maintain the ground.

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Did you know – the Nawab of Arcot originally planned to build the palace inside Fort St George. But after opposition from some quarters of the East India Company he built in the current location adjacent to the fort.  

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5¼x3¾ Inch

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Daniel Boorne