The Dutch Capture of Cochin From The Portuguese, 1702 Plan

dutch capture cochin plan

durch capture of cochin

A 1702 engraved antique plan of the Dutch capturing Cochin (now Kochi) from the Portuguese. This copper-engraved plan is hand-colored and shows a fleet of Dutch Naval Ships attacking Fort Cochin, then under Portuguese control. They took control of Fort Cochin and town, by successfully defeating the strong Portuguese forces.

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The Portuguese were the first of the Europeans to arrive in India by the maritime route. Landing at Calicut (Kozhikode) in 1498. After the initial warmth, the Zamorin King lost interest with the new visitors. They would later align with the King of Cochin. Their chief purpose was to source Pepper, a spice indigenous to the Malabar region (Kerala) at the time.

To safeguard their interest, the Portuguese originally built Fort Emmanuel, it was the first European Fort in India. They had also built St Francis Church the first European Church in India. Vasco Da Gama was the first European to reach Calicut, he was buried in this church, his remains would later be relocated to Lisbon, Portugal.

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Did you know- the Dutch Palace was not built by them but by the Portuguese for the King of Kochi. They had only renovated it as a special gesture to the King after seizing power from the Portugal rulers.   

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