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Street Scene In Byculla Mumbai – Old Photo 1923

This is an old 1923 photograph of a Bombay or Mumbai street scene. Visible is a vintage car of the period, a gas street light, tram tracks, and so on. Possibly Byculla or Parel area since my earlier post also shows a somewhat similar photo. See- Parel Road To Byculla Bridge Mumbai – Old Photograph 1923. Here too gas street lights and tram tracks are visible. 

Under Bartle Frere’s Governorship (1862-1867) gas lighting was introduced in Mumbai in 1865. By the end of the year, there were 220 lamps, but which number gradually increased year by year. The introduction of gas was much appreciated and during 1866 several local gentlemen presented the Municipality with large ornamental lamps.

Mr. David Sassoon gave one of the three lights. The Sassoons were one of the wealthiest families of Bombay. They were of Baghdadi Jewish origin arriving in the city in 1832. Where he amassed considerable wealth, extending his operation to China and Japan, as well as India, Africa, and Eastern Asia. Read more- Mumbai’s Rich Jewish Legacy. 

The beautiful vintage car of the period possibly is a 1920s Chrysler or Bentley or some similar make, these were once common in Mumbai.

Did you know- Bombay was owned by the British East India Company taken on lease from King Charles II in 1661. Right up to the end of the 18th century the Company periodically debated whether it was worth it to keep Bombay.  

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