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Parel Road To Byculla Bridge Mumbai – Old Photo 1923

This is an old photo of Bombay or Mumbai dating to around 1923. The Byculla Bridge is perhaps the old Hancock Bridge. The Hancock Bridge was first built in the British India era of 1879. Named in honor of Colonel H. F. Hancock, the then President of the Bombay Municipal Corporation now the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. 

The Byculla Bridge was demolished and rebuilt in 1923, which may have been the period this photograph was taken. It was again demolished in 2016 making way for a new bridge and preserving some portions of the older structure. This is a series of two photos taken from Parel Road looking towards Byculla Bridge. Read more- Hancock Bridge.

Notice the vintage car of the period and the tramway tracks in the middle of the road. See my related posts- Colaba And Earliest Motor Car – Old Photograph 1900., and  Horse-Drawn Tram In Mumbai – Old Photograph 1900. At that period gas street lighting was still in use in Bombay that is visible on the right side of the photograph. 

Did you know- Bombay was once a group of seven islands that became a single landmass after reclamation. 

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