Ruins At Fatehpur Sikri – Old Print 1820

This is an 1820 Print from a book, drawn by Britisher D. Roberts.  The print is titled “Futtipur, Sikra” although it should correctly read “Fatehpur Sikri.”  Although it was occupied for 10 to 14 years but deserted after that. It is an enigma till today as to exactly why it turned into a ghost town. The Mughal Emperor Akbar founded the city in 1571.

Akbar chose Sikri as his new capital in grateful memory of a Chishti in Sikri. Akbar was issueless, sought the Chisti’s (holy man) advice. The Chisti foretold the birth of a son and heir to the throne. The prediction came out accurate, and in memory of the Chisti who had passed by then, he built a new city.

The Print shows the new city in ruins, the British had restored it to some extent in the past. Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The famous Taj Mahal is situated close by, which is also, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read more about Fatehpur India.

Did you know- One of the attraction was the Pachisi Court, Akbar an addict would play chess here with his courtiers using live human models

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