Chinese Boats On The Malabar Coast – Old Print 1746

This is an original engraved print from 1746, it measures 7×10 inches. Probably from a 1746 French Book  “Histoire Générale des Voyages, ou nouvelle collection de toutes les relations de voyages par mer et par terre”. Shows the Chinese rowing boats off the Malabar coast.

The Malabar region of Calicut, Cannanore, Tellicherry, Palghat, and so on came under the Madras Presidency in the colonial era. Chinese traders and seafarers were regular visitors to the ports of Calicut, Cochin, Quilon, Kodungallur, and so on before the 13th century. Many of them stayed back and had settlements in all these places.

Many shifted back to China, many also intermarried local women. Although there are not too many written records of their presence in Kerala. But there are indeed many telltale signs- Cochin derives its name from the Chinese Co-Chin meaning Little China or Just like China. This was when they first saw the Malabar coast while arriving in their “Junks” (ship).

Other influences are- the famous Chinese Fishing Nets of Cochin; the Malayalam word Cheena Chatti means wok; Cheena Bharni is for Chinese jar;  Idiyappam in Malayalam is for string hoppers which looks similar to noodles. Kanji (Malayalam) and in Chinese- Konji for rice porridge.

It is said that the canoes or boats used in the backwaters of Kerala and the traditional architecture are of Chinese style. See my posts- Vintage Print Fishing Nets Cochin 1922. Read also about Chinese and others inAncient Kerala and Ancient China.

Did you know- there is evidence that Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Portuguese, Phoenicians, traders had also visited ancient Kerala. 

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