Proposed Expansion Of The Bombay Port, 1904 Print

proposed expansion of bombay port

expansion of bombay port



This rare print on Bombay Port’s expansion is a page from The Engineer of Feb 19, 1904. It shows the proposed expansion of the Bombay Port. The Bombay Castle on the map lies on the southern end, the Victoria Terminus is on the western side, and Mazagaon is on the north. The opening of the Suez Canal significantly transformed the maritime trade of Bombay.

The focus shifted from the east coast (Calcutta & Madras) to the west coast. Thus Bombay became the dominant shipping gateway of India. This entailed the expansion of the Bombay Port. The map in the print shows a row of existing docks. Beginning with Mazagaon, Princess, Merewether, and Victoria Docks. The new proposed creation was that of the Alexandra Dock (Indira Dock), Ballard Pier, Mole Railway Station, etc. The Alexandra Dock opened in 1914., the Ballard Estate and the Mole Railway station opened in 1912.

Did you know – that the excavated earth of the Alexandra Dock was used for the reclamation of the Ballard Pier and Estate’s land from the sea. 

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