Military Band British Era, 1900 Postcard

Military Band British Era, 1900 Postcard

An old 1900 postcard of the British-era military band playing at a funeral. Possibly at the British Military Cantonment of Umballa, now Ambala. The Ambala Cantonment was set up in 1843. It was also the headquarters of a British cavalry brigade of the Northern army. For the uninitiated, military cantonments were a self-contained city in a city, with markets, shops, restaurants, bars, religious places of worship, etc.

A soldier or an officer did not have to bother going beyond cantonments seeking purchases or entertainment. Shown is a military band in a funeral procession playing at a likely deceased top-ranking officer. In the military, it was a sort of guard of honor that continues even today. Many Britishers faced death from tropical illnesses mostly caused by malaria. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- there were many British military cantonments spread out in India, from Ambala to Bangalore and Bombay to Calcutta. 

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