Prince of Wales’s Tour of British India, Photo 1921

Prince of Wales's Tour of British India, 1921 Photo

An old 1921 photo of Edward VIII Prince of Wales’s Tour of British India. In October 1921, Edward VIII the Prince of Wales left for a state visit to India. Anti-British sentiments had been growing. Mahatma Gandhi was becoming well known as a leader of the Indian people. The Prince arrived in Bombay (now Mumbai) to vast crowds.

His desire to meet the people of India as well as the princes was met with approval. Despite Mahatma Gandhi’s boycott, thousands of Indians lined the streets wherever he went. In Lahore, he rode amongst the countless Punjabis, who marvelled at his simplicity. He left the railway station amongst a seething mass of excited, cheering crowds.

In the other states, the Prince of Wales relaxed amongst the pomp and splendour of their hospitality. The prince played polo, went on hunting expeditions, and learned pig sticking from the Maharaja of Jodhpur. He shot tiger in Nepal, he received gifts and promises of allegiance from the various Indian princes. He returned to England in June 1922. He is seen in Bombay seated in a Crossley motorcar (black) during his departure felicitation. Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know- Edward VIII became the King in 1936 but abdicated after a few months in the same year. 

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