Old Book 1887, Dupleix And The Empire Of India

Title of the book- Dupleix And The Empire Of India

Language- English

Author- Sidney J. Owen

Publisher- John B. Alden

Year- 1887

This is an interesting book on the great Frenchman Joseph François Dupleix. He was the Governor-General of French India from 1742 to 1754. Pondicherry’s colonial past is intricately interwoven with the life of this formidable statesman. Dupleix tried valiantly to prevent British supremacy by forming alliances with local princes.

He had almost realized his dream of establishing a French-ruled empire in the whole of India. But his arch-rival the Robert Clive put an end to his ambitious ventures. After the final defeat of the French in the second Carnatic  War, Dupleix relinquished his governorship and returned in disgrace to France. It is claimed his life ended in poverty and neglect. His statues are placed in France and India today. Click on the photo for better view. 

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