Mahatma Gandhi And His Followers, 1933 Photo

Mahatma Gandhi And His Followers, 1933 Photo

Mahatma Gandhi And His Followers, 1933 Photo

This is a vintage 1933 press photo of Mahatma Gandhi and his followers. It shows the great man with his disciples in a civil disobedience activity. On the right is Margarete Spiegel a German Jewish woman disciple of the Mahatma. There is little information on Margarete Spiegel and seems to have been generally overlooked by Gandhi biographers.

In order to study the Gandhian movement first-hand, she obtained three months of unpaid leave from her job as a teacher in Germany to visit India. For two months she travelled around the country and spent three days at the Sabarmati Ashram. Since he was imprisoned at Yeravda jail in Pune. She lost no time in visiting him at the prison.

Read more- Going Native. See my post- Mahatma Gandhi On The Streets of Bombay – Old Print 1932. Gandhiji’s memorable pocket watch can be seen hanging from his waist.

Did you know- in the famous Salt March of April-May 1930, thousands of Indians followed Gandhi from Ahmadabad to the Arabian Sea. The march resulted in the arrest of him and nearly 60,000 of his followers.

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