Mahatma Gandhi On The Streets of Bombay – Old Print 1932

This page is from a French Newspaper- L’Illustration dating to 23 January 1932.  It measures 14 x 11 in. Translated the headlines read “The triumphant return of Gandhi to India: the Mahatma cortege in the streets of Bombay five days before the arrest.” The article further reads- “We know that barely five days after his return to India, Gandhi, who had resumed the head of the-

campaign of civil disobedience again and had taken his place in a flowered automobile (which we see under the white banner), had crossed the city in the midst of cheers. Since then, Mr. Gandhi has also been arrested and sentenced to a few weeks in prison.” Read more about Gandhi arrested. See huge crowd that came out on the street to get a glimpse of him.

This antique print of Mahatma Gandhi in Bombay shows the imposing Victoria Terminus Station on the left. See also my post- Mahatma Gandhi & Sarojini Naidu – Press Photo 1939.

Did you know- Gandhi was arrested and put in jail in India and abroad 13 times in his lifetime.

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