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1808 A Man & Woman of Gaman Copper Engraving

This antique print titled A Man & Woman of Gaman. An extremely rare copper engraving from around 1808, the paper is a bit brittle from age. Shown a man and woman of Ghana, notice the man holding a human head. A hand-colored copperplate engraving originally drawn by I. Dupuis, it measures 10 x 8 inch. See my post- 1808 A Woman & Youth Of Banna, A Marowa Slave Engraving.

Pepper was a valuable commodity in ancient times it was considered to be worth its weight in gold. But its source was kept a tight secret for centuries by spice traders. Although the maritime pepper route to Calicut (Malabar coast) existed from ancient times the route was lost in the middle ages. But it was rediscovered by the Portuguese from the information extracted from the spice traders.

Read more- Along the pepper trail. Thus many new lands were discovered on the way of the pepper trail. Including many parts of Africa were also discovered en route. 1808 A Man & Woman of Gaman Copper Engraving

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