Tiger Hunt On Elephant back British India, 1905 Postcard

This is an old 1905 postcard of a tiger hunt on an elephant back from the British India era. Once a favourite pastime of the British gentry and Maharajas. Unfortunately reducing the tiger population from lakhs to a few thousand in a matter of years. The picture shows a safari comprising of Britishers and Maharajas on howdahs intensely seeking their game.

A lifeless tiger obviously shot lies across the back of one elephant. After the Delhi Durbar of 1911, King George V went on a shoot for 10 days killing around  39 tigers, 18 rhinos, bears, and so on. But this royal pastime was in existence from Mughal times as Emperor Akbar had a great passion for this sport. Shown here is a safari of elephants crossing a large body of water probably northern India.

See my post- Viceroy of India Tiger Hunting Party Gwalior – Old Photo 1914. Read more- Tiger Hunting in India 1924. This is an Antoine Druet colourful French Postcard dating to around 1905.

Did you know- A tiger’s roar can be heard from 3 kilometres away. They are excellent swimmers and love water, unlike other big cats. 

From the collection- Drawing Hiding The Taj Mahal WW2., 11 Picture Postcards On Raja Ravi Varma Oil Paintings., Old Book – From Lisbon To Calicut 1956., Indian & African Rhinoceros Antique 1790 Print By Berthault