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Killick Nixon & Company Mumbai – Old Photo 1900

This is a 1900 old photo of the staff of the Killick, Nixon & Company Bombay, or Mumbai. Killick, Nixon & Company (KNC for short) had many interests in India especially cotton exports in the early days. They had their own privately owned Railway- The Central Province Railway or better known as Shakuntala Railway. The Killick, Nixon & Company, incorporated in 1857, were agents for many business enterprises.

Active in Bombay from the 1860s, and becoming agents for the British company Parry & Company. In the British era, privately owned railways were allowed, and KNC chose to own and operate one. That ferried raw cotton from the deep interiors of the country to Bombay solely for exports. See my post- Central Province Railway or Shakuntala Railway – Old Photo.

This photograph shows the management and staff lined up for the annual photoshoot. Read more about the KN Company.

Did you know- KNC was influential in bringing about the amalgamation of India’s leading cement companies into a giant cement combine – The Associated Cement Companies Ltd. (ACC)-in whose management it played a leading role through its associated company, Cement Agencies Ltd.
This unique arrangement took place in 1936, where three other leading manufactures – Tatas, Khataus, and Dinshaws- joined hands with KNC to pool their assets and jointly form ACC as a new public company.

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