Holwell’s Monument Kolkata, Old Postcard 1905

This is an old 1905 photo postcard of the Holwell’s Monument at Calcutta, now Kolkata. The Holwell’s monument was in memory of the 146 British prisoners. Who were thrown in a small room called the Black Hole. Only 23 were found alive in this 18×14 feet guard room including John Holwell. The rest of them died because of extreme suffocation and heat. Holwell later became the Governor of Bengal in 1760.

He built a monument in memory of the victims of the terrible incident in 1756. But by 1822 the Holwell’s monument in Kolkata disappeared. Lord Curzon the Viceroy of India realized there was nothing to mark the Black Hole, and on his orders erected an obelisk at the southwest corner of the Writer’s building. Which is shown in this photo postcard. During the height of the Indian independence movement in 1940, this monument was removed to its present location at the compound of St John’s Church. Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know- it is interesting to note that, a narrow passageway by the northern side of the present GPO building was the site of the guard room. Which was part of the old demolished Fort William. 

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