Hawa Mahal Jaipur – Old Photo 1880

Old 1880 photo of the Hawa Mahal or Palace of winds/breeze in Jeypore, now Jaipur. An iconic landmark of the city from 1799 when it was first constructed. Built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh, it allowed the women-folk of the royal family to view the outside world from the palace without making their presence felt.

It was built with a very large number of Jharokhas or overhanging balconies with stone lattice windows. These stone lattice windows were so skillfully carved that one could look out from inside. But no one could notice the activities inside of the building. It also had a cooling effect with breeze streaming in.

The Rajput women were not allowed to appear in public at the time, so the palace would give them the opportunity to peek at the outside world. It was designed by Lal Chand Ustad presumably in the shape of Lord Krishna’s crown. This was because Maharaja Pratap Singh was a Krishna devotee. The Hawa Mahal does not have a permanent entrance but only through the palace of which it is an extension.

The complex does not have a stairway leading to its five floors but only by way of ramps. Incidentally, the city gets its name after Maharaja Jaisingh II the founder of Jaipur. But before Jaipur came into being the capital was Amber just 11 km away. Shifting of the capital to this newer city was because of Amber’s increase in population and scarcity of water. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- it is also said this structure is the world’s highest building without a foundation. 

From the collection- M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal On Paper Beautiful Lady (#6)., Indian & African Rhinoceros Antique 1790 Print By Berthault., Watson’s Hotel Annexe Now Dhanraj Mahal – Old Postcard

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