Fort William Calcutta – Old Postcard 1900

An old 1900 photo postcard of Fort William, Calcutta, now Kolkata. Completed in 1806 and named in honor of King William III of England (reign 1689 to 1702). The first fort lies a little further away, it was attacked by the proxy ruler of the Mughals Siraj ud-Daulah in 1756.

Hastening the British to build a new fortress to protect their interest. Which was this Fort William constructed on a part of the Maidan after the Battle of Plassey. There were two forts both were called Fort William the older one was built in 1696 during the reign of King William III. Robert Clive commissioned the building of the new Fort William after the attack on the first one.

He served as the first Governor-General of the Bengal Presidency. And is famously credited with the spread of British rule in India. Today he is better known as “Clive of India.” The picture shows the deep and empty moat and ramparts of the fortress. I presume these are not there anymore but I’m not entirely sure. Click on the photo for better view

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Did you know- biographers of Robert Clive say that he had a complex personality. He was an unstable sociopath, he was violent and utterly ruthless. And tried committing suicide thrice in his youth.  

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