Elephant Battles Lion Watercolour Sketch British India, 1837

India Raj Elephant Battling Lion Watercol. Sketch, 1837

This is an 1837 British India-era beautiful watercolour sketch of an elephant battling a lion. A small-sized watercolour sketch by Major A.C. Hutchinson of the Bengal Artillery. Record of 19th-century British Raj hunting scene. The sketch depicts a lion pouncing on the hunter, and the elephant and its mahout coming to the rescue.

British soldiers were generally posted in remote parts of India. The alluring natural sceneries were too tempting to resist painting for the artist in some of them. The talented pursued their passion in their free time. Like it may have been in the case of Major A. C. Hutchinson. Many of their paintings are now in museums and in collectors’ hands.

Since photography was not introduced in India on a full scale until the 1860s-70s, painting may have been one of the best hobbies as to pass time at the time. Painting in the 19th century was not widespread amongst Indians except for some like the great Raja Ravi Varma. An exceptionally gifted painter from Travancore. Who created some sort of mass hysteria with his magical paintings.

Did you know – British, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, was himself an artist and pursued his talent during his military years in India.

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