Cochin & Kerala Backwaters – 6 Old Postcards 1900

Six interesting old photo postcards of Cochin (Ernakulam) & the Kerala backwaters. The postcards date from 1900 to 1947. Cochin was a princely state, that was flanked by Travancore in the south and Malabar in the north. All these now come under the present-day Kerala State. Naturally endowed with picturesque greenery, backwaters, beaches, mountains, forests, and so on.

Making it one of the most unique places in the world. In all probability, no other place in the world would have a landscape so varied as Kerala’s. No wonder it is called God’s Own Country. Two postcards show Quilon or Kollam backwaters. One is from the Quilon market area of 1910 and the other is a postcard of a double boat Jhunkar also from Quilon, now Kollam 1910. Jhunkar’s ferry vehicles from one side of the river bank to the opposite side.

Quilon or Kollam was an ancient port of call, frequently visited by Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks, Chinese, Arabs, and so on. Huge trade flourished between the local and foreign merchants. Chiefly on Kerala’s famous pepper, spices, ivory, rosewood, etc. The colored postcard is of the Ernakulam Market of 1971. Cargo boats once brought fresh produce into the Ernakulam Market. Unfortunately, the cargo boats that were much more eco-friendly and cleaner with an old-world charm lost out to modern-day transportation. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- Ernakulam to Quilon or Kollam a distance of nearly 150 km is connected by both road and navigable waterway.

From the collection- Vintage Oleograph Raja Ravi Varma “Laxmi”., Horse-Drawn Tram In Mumbai – Old Photo 1900., Cochin Jewish Synagogue Old Print 1927

The images are of the actual items from my collection. And Not a photocopy, pirated, reproduced, or stock photos or taken from other sources.