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Article on the Civil Aviation Market In India, this is a page from a 1930 American publication Airway Age. The article states that “Until recently India has been surprisingly lax in her interest in aviation. The more surprising because of all the countries of the Far East, India is the one which will benefit most from the progress of aviation…” And goes on to say that India was not prolific with either permanent or emergency landing grounds.

Although prospects did not look very promising up to early 1928. But great steps have been made during the past two years (1929 & 1930). The Government of India according to the writer decided to proceed with a plan of through route. Karachi to Delhi approx 690 miles., Delhi to Calcutta approx 815 miles., Calcutta to Rangoon approx 810 miles. The first London to Calcutta via Karachi and Delhi by flight was achieved in July of 1933. The first London to Rangoon flight was achieved in September of 1933.

The article expresses that in most towns in India, there is usually either a race course or a large military parade ground which may be used for forced landings. Civil fields are to be constructed at Bombay and Madras and all these are in addition to the military fields that exist. The status of the various landing grounds will be found on the accompanying map. So the whole of has been opened up to commercial aviation by a chain of well-equipped landing grounds and weather stations. Read the complete article shown in the images.

Did you know – in the 1930s the Bombay Aerodrome was a dried mud flat near the sea serviceable only during eight months of the year. At high tide during the monsoon, the aerodrome was more or less at the bottom of the sea.

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