First Non-Stop Flight From England To India, 1929 Newspaper Clip

First Non-Stop Flight From England To India, 1929 Newspaper Clip

A close-up view of the route of the England to India non-stop flight in 1929

A rare 1929 newspaper clip of the first non-stop flight from England to India. This is another of India’s early aviation events. The Wright brothers are credited with flying the first motorized airplane in 1903. Since then, the desire to fly long distances was a natural outcome. However, this was a challenge since early aircraft had rudimentary technology at the time.

Despite the hindrance of WWI and WWII flight technology improved with long-range flight capabilities. The human desire to push for longer flights became more profound. This was one of the cases of an early aviation feat of the first non-stop flight in 1929. From England to India and also from Europe to India flight in a Fairey Long Range Monoplane.

Achieved by Squadron Leader A G Jones-Williams, with Flight-Lieutenant N H Jenkins. The distance flown was approximately 6650 km and the two men were in the air for around 51 hours. They flew past Karachi but had to return 2 hours later because of the imminent exhaustion of petrol. Although their prospective destination was Bangalore.  Click on the image for better view.

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Did you know – the lure of the world record had not receded and later that year, the pair made a second attempt. This time with South Africa as their intended destination. Unfortunately, their plane crashed in Tunisia in December 1929. And both of them perished. 

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