Early Aviation, First Flight From England To India, 1918 Print

Handley Page V/1500 airplane

An old 1919 print showing a glimpse of early aviation the first flight from England to India. A page from the Illustrated London News, Feb 22, 1919. The first picture is that of the Handley Page V/1500 biplane. The second image is of Viceroy Lord Chelmsford with his daughter and granddaughter. Getting ready probably for a joy ride on the same plane. The Handley Page V/1500 was the first-ever airplane to fly from England to India, or for that matter from anywhere around the world into India.

Lord Chelmsford and daughter

Which was another of the firsts, like the first train journey from Bombay to Thane in 1853. The world’s first airmail flight at Allahabad; the first non-stop flight from England to India; the First Viceroy To Arrive In India By Air, and so on. The flight landed on Indian soil at Karachi (undivided India) on December 10th, 1918.

Amid thunderous applause and cheers of a large crowd gathered, that numbered well over ten thousand. The flight left Cairo on November 13 arriving at Damascus (Syria) on the same day. It reach Baghdad (Iraq) on December 1. Since the country did not have airstrips, quick-fix arrangements had to be made.

An airstrip was prepared in the newly established Delhi Cantonment. In Calcutta, the race course ground served as the landing strip. Almost the whole of Calcutta descended to watch the unusual sight. In 1913, a monoplane had landed on the grounds of the Tollygunge Club – Early Aviation Monoplane In Calcutta, 3 Photos 1913.

Did you know – the Handley Page V/1500 was originally a bomber in WWI. It was used again for the same purpose this time to bomb Kabul in May 1919. 

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