British Era Madras Boat Club Annual Regatta, 1912.

This 1912 print displays pictures, of the British-era Madras Boat Club’s Annual Regatta. The page is from the Times of India Supplement of February 7, 1912. That gives a glimpse of a rowing competition. Which took place in the Adyar River, Madras (now Chennai), over 100 years ago. The pictures show the organizer- the Madras Boat Club, and the Madras and Poona regatta teams. This event pictured is possibly the finals that took place between the two teams.

India had boat clubs in other cities also, such as the Bombay Gymkhana, Calcutta Rowing Club, Karachi Boat Club, Rangoon Boat Club, Royal Connaught Club, etc. All of them were into rowing from the British India era times. Many of them still exist and many still have annual regattas. Bombay also had the Royal Yacht Club with sailing that took place off its shores. Other than the rowing clubs, there were other regular clubs from the British India era, like the Bowring Institute, United Services Club, Madras Club, and so on. Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know- the Madras Boat Club is the oldest in the country, it opened in 1867.

From the collection- M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal Untitled 1964 (#18)., Antique Photo Writer’s Building Calcutta 1900., Warren Hastings British India’s First Governor General, Old PC., Arrival Of Fiat Trucks Bombay, Old Postcard 1915.

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