M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal Young Couple 1964 (#18)

This framed 4 x 3 feet charcoal on buff paper untitled drawing is signed by M. Suiryamoorthy, dated 1.9.1964. Hailing from Tamil Nadu this great artist Suriyamoorthy was born in 1944. All his charcoal artworks are fascinating to the point of one being mesmerized by their lifelike qualities. He claimed to have evolved a unique style of his own which seems to be evident in this charcoal drawing.

As well as other M. Suriyamoorthy artworks that are shown in the posts here. His oil paintings are also unique, he was a prolific painter till his death in 2012. He formulated colors from natural resources like seashells, barks of trees, gums from tree trunks, and so on. He derived his own distinct style of women being centralized in most of his art.

His paintings and art have won many awards in India and abroad. Art galleries and museums in Europe and America exhibited his paintings. Some museums abroad also own his artworks. Suriyamoorthy had his eccentricities too. When he was arrested for hitting a policeman his lawyer told him to feign mental illness to evade being thrown into jail. He spent his time at the hospital surreptitiously painting by hiding in the bushes. Click on the photo for better view.

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