Antique Photo Lord Curzon Viceroy Of India 1903

This is an albumen photo of Lord Curzon the then Viceroy & Governor-General of India.  Since it was Lord Curzon who organized the 1903 Delhi Durbar the grandest of all the Delhi Durbars. See my post- Antique Photo View of Delhi Durbar 1903., and Antique Photo State Entry Delhi Durbar 1903.

Extract- “The Durbars were lavish ceremonies to honor the British Monarchy’s emperors or empress. It was in a way to show the world Britain’s absolute dominion over India. The first Delhi Durbar was in 1877 honouring Queen Victoria’s ascendency to her new title “Empress of India”. This was in addition to her primary title of “Queen of Great Britain and Ireland”.

Although the Queen did not make it to this ceremony, it was held in her absence. The second Durbar was in 1903. To mark the coronation of King Edward VII son and successor to Queen Victoria who died in 1901. Here also the King could not make it to the Durbar held in his honour. Although the King did visit India as Prince of Wales from 1875 (November) to 1876 (March).

His brother the Duke of Connaught presided on the King’s behalf in the Delhi Durbar of 1903. See my post of his brother Prince Arthur’s travel to India- Antique Print Royal Visit To Bombay 1883.  The last Delhi Durbar was in 1911 to mark the coronation of King George V.

The son and successor to King Edward VII (died 1910). This was the only one where a sovereign actually visited the Durbar. Lord Curzon the then Viceroy of India was complete in charge of overseeing the arrangements of the Delhi Durbar to the smallest detail…” This antique photo of Lord Curzon Viceroy of India 1903 shows an impressive convoy of attendants and-

escorts leading him to the Durbar grounds.

Did you know- despite Lord Curzon’s successful stint as Viceroy and Foreign Secretary, he was denied British prime ministership in 1923. 

From the collection- Vintage Raja Ravi Varma “Saraswati” Oleograph.,   Vintage Postcard Bangalore Cubbon Park.,  Vintage Book – With Wellesley To Madras.


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