Backwater Canal Kerala – Old Postcard 1920

This is an old 1920 photo postcard with a view of the Backwater Canal of Travancore, now Kerala. Travancore was an independent Princely State. Ruled by Maharaja Chithra Thirunal Balarama II at the time of India’s independence. It got assimilated into the newly formed Kerala State in 1951. The other regions that formed part of Kerala were Cochin State and Malabar (under Madras Presidency).

Blessed with thousands of canals, lakes, and backwaters that crisscross the state from Trivandrum, now Thiruvanthapuram in the south to Kasargod in the north. In old times cargo boats were understandably the main form of transport. And still is despite many roads and bridges that have come up. Today these boats have become tourist attractions as houseboats.

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Travancore and Cochin States Maharajas were some of the progressive Maharajas in India. They never squandered state money frivolously or extravagantly. They channelized funds into building their princely states benefitting the common man. One of the best things they have done was to educate the masses. Thus Kerala ranks highest in literacy today in India. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- the backwaters traditionally have been the highways or waterways of Malabar, Cochin, or Malabar. Which is unique only to Kerala. 

From the collection-Raja Ravi Varma Commemorative Stamp Folder., Life In British India – Old Photo 1865., The Residency Lucknow British India – Old Print 1850., Indian Revolt Lucknow & The Residency – Vintage Map 1900

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