Trams Near Crawford Market Mumbai, 1914 Postcard

trams in crawford market bombay

This is an old 1914 postcard of Bombay or Mumbai of Trams near Crawford Market. Originally trams were drawn by horses until 1907 in Bombay. After electrification in 1907, it would serve the city diligently until 1964. The Bombay Tramway service shut down once and for all on the night of 31st March 1964 after the last service. And sadly gone with it was a piece of the city’s charm.

The Crawford Market, now Mahatma Phule Market is the city’s busiest. It features a central hall with three large gateways and a 128 feet clock tower. The beautiful building was designed by the British architect William Emerson and is one of the iconic landmarks of the city today. Inside is the lovely stone fountain, gifted by the philanthropist, Sir Cowasji Jehangir.

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Did you know- in 1920 the double-decker trams were introduced in Bombay.

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