The Parisian Garden Of Hotel D’Angelis Madras, Old Photo 1907.

Parisian Garden Of Hotel D'Angelis Madras

A rare 1907 photo of the Parisian Garden of Hotel D’Angelis in Madras, now Chennai. Sporting a handlebar mustache and seated with his son is the owner Giacomo D’Angelis. His son is Carlos D’Angelis. Another of his sons, whose name is not known, sits on an adjacent table.

The Masterchef Leon Denis is shown with his hand over a dagger. The rest are apparently Indian staff of the restaurant. Giacomo D’Angelis was an Italian by birth, resided in France then moved to England. He became the chef to the Duke of Buckingham and Chandos.

Giacomo tagged along with the Duke when he became the Governor of Madras from 1875 to 1880. In 1880 he began a small confectionery Maison Française on Mount Road. That specialized in French and Italian cakes, pastries, and chocolates. Through sheer grit and hard work made a name for himself as a restaurateur and general caterer.

Thus he opened a hotel with a restaurant in 1908 on the same premises which he later bought out. And named it after himself Hotel D’Angelis. Which was on Mount Road in Madras, a tony shopping center for Europeans at the time. The Parisian Garden was part of the Hotel D’angelis. The finest in South India at the time.

Giacomo was also an avid engineer and aviator. The common belief is that India’s first flight took place on Dec 10, 1910, in Allahabad. We would be pleasantly surprised that the first flight in India took place in Madras, in March 1910. As documented in a 1910 Aero magazine. Giacomo passed away in 1919 while he was abroad. Regrettably, the restaurant closed down after changing hands many a time.  Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know – the hotel was the first to have an electric lift, hot water taps, electric fans, imported tiles, an ice-making plant, and cold storage in the city.  

From the collection – Raja Ravi Varma Women Themed Paintings, 5 PCs., Street Scene Views Of British Era Madras, 2 Postcards 1900 ., Aerial View of British Bombay In 1936, Old Print.




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