Sitaram Buildings Market & Trams Bombay – 2 Postcard 1900

sitaram building bomaby


Two 1900 old postcards that show the Sitaram Building and electric trams of Bombay (Mumbai). One of them shows two electric trams of Bombay. Located on Palton Road near Crawford Market in Fort area. The Crawford Market building’s tower is recognizable in the background. Sitaram Building at Palton Road, forms the precinct of Crawford Market and Sir JJ School of Art, Grade I and Grade II heritage structures respectively

Two of Bombay’s once charming electric trams are seen in the foreground in the 2nd postcard. Using a magnifier to the postcard, the tram’s board reads “Museum East,” probably referring to the Prince of Wales Museum.  The Sitaram Building has some faintly visible commercial advertisements that read  – “Liptons”, “Shahjahan Palace Hotel”, “The Bombay Tailors” and a few other names that are not entirely clear.

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Did you know- Dharavi in Mumbai is Asia’s largest slum, if not perhaps the world’s largest.

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Vintage Postcard Bombay Sitaram Buildings Market & Trams