Second Voyage of Vasco Da Gama To Calicut, 1874 Book

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Title – Calcoen A Dutch Narrative of The Second Voyage Of Vasco Da Gama To Calicut

Introduction and translation by –  J P Berjeau

Publishers – Basil Montagu Pickering, London

Year – 1874

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The narrative applies to the second voyage of the great navigator Vasco Da Gama to Calicut. The author had hastily translated it into French with success. Here the author says he is enabled to offer the public a reproduction of this interesting document. With an improved translation into English.

Vasco Da Gama departed Lisbon on the 10th of February, 1502. On the 29th of March, the expedition left sight of the Polar Star, and on the 2nd April they were under the Line, and in the southern hemisphere a week later. Then, they were beaten about by a storm which for twelve days drove them out of their track.

On the 14th of June, they arrived at Sofala (in Mozambique). On the following 18th of July, they left Sofala for Kylo. Melinda, where they should have arrived on the 20th of July, is the next stopping place; but they missed it and went to the Cape of Saint Mary. The island was then mainly inhabited by Greek Christians.

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On August 21st they saw for the first time the land of India and the great city of Cambaen (Cambay, Gujarat) on the river Cobar (Sabarmati River). The next station, called Oan, is no doubt Goa, with skirmishes with the locals they set sail to Cananor, then Calicut. They fought for three days against the troops of the Zamorin.

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