Rolls Royce Cars Of The Wealthy Maharajas, Postcard

Eight old PCs or Postcards of Rolls Royce Cars that were once owned by fabulously wealthy Maharajas. Rolls-Royce car became epitome of luxury and wealth. Just as were the Indian Maharajas, Nawabs, and Nizams a synonym of wealth and splendor in their years of glory. And not surprising that they would own these machines of luxury and perfection on wheels.

The Rolls-Royce is unmatched in quality and perfection not seen in any other brand to date. First produced in 1904 by Fredrick Henry Royce in a primitive home workshop with handmade parts. Royce bought his first car in 1903 a second-hand French Decauville. He decided he could build a better car. In just over a year, with just two workers, he was able to design and make three complete cars of 2000cc with handmade parts.

That too in his primitive workshop. The vehicles were silent and smooth running. Easier to start and more reliable than others. Charles Stewart Rolls was rich and educated in elite institutions. He loved cars and a keen motorist his business was in car sales. He was skeptical hearing about the new Royce handmade car. But when he tried it, he was amazed to find it was neither noisy nor inefficient.

He immediately recognized its potential, he could make his name a symbol for quality cars. Rolls and Royce came to an agreement whereby Rolls got exclusive rights to whatever Royce could produce, on the condition that the cars be named Rolls-Royce. The rest was history. Rolls-Royce went on to scale unprecedented levels in car manufacturing and sales.

The fabulously wealthy Indian Maharajas became one of their biggest buyers. Here there are ten old postcards that were once owned by some of the most colourful Maharajas. You will see the Maharaja of Patiala Bhupinder Singh with his Silver Ghost. Maharani of Travancore’s Silver Ghost 1913, Maharani Gayathri Devi’s custom-built car, and so on. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- that Fredrick Royce was born poor to have a proper education, he self-taught himself languages, mathematics, and engineering. 

From the collection- Raja Ravi Varma’s Balamani – Old Postcard 1902., Calcutta Traffic Policeman – Old Photo 1920., New Harbour Works At Madras or Chennai – Old Print 1880., Cotton Bales At Bombay Terminus – Old Print 1862

The images are of the actual items from my collection. And Not a photocopy, pirated, reproduced, or stock photos or taken from other sources.