New Harbour Works At Madras or Chennai, 1880 Print

New Harbour Works At Madras or Chennai, 1880 Print

This is a page from the 1880 London Newspaper The Graphic and is titled The New Harbour Works At Madras. It measures 16 x 11 inches. The bottom image shows the new harbour at Madras or Chennai at the time (built 1861). A harbour with two parallel breakwaters was proposed, and the work was completed in 1881. See my posts- Antique Photo of Madras Iron Pier 1870.,  Antique Print Madras The Iron Pier 1863

Extract- “Madras, now Chennai had an inlet less coast. Because of this, ships had to anchor at the outer sea. And with the help of masula boats, passengers and cargo were ferried from the ship to the coast. Since the cargo loss was very high, coupled with pilfering and stormy weather, they proposed a Pier as a docking jetty for larger ships.

The British East India Company completed the construction of the jetty in 1861…”  Read more about Chennai Port.

Did you know- a very large crude carrier vessel MT New Diamond, with 160,079 gross registered tonnages berthed in Chennai Port in 2018. This is a first in an Indian Port berthing of a giant crude carrier. 

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