Calcutta Traffic Policeman – Old Photo 1920


This is an old 1920 photo that shows Calcutta or Kolkata traffic policeman. The man looks smartly dressed in his uniform. Topped with an umbrella to protect him against Calcutta’s sun. This uniform has much changed and evolved into a more modern one since British times.

See this in- Kolkata Traffic Policeman.

Just like the Kolkata policeman Bombay too had its policeman in the British era. See post- Vintage 1890 Postcard of Bombay Policeman.  The Portuguese formed a basic law structure with the setting up of a Police post. After the Portuguese gifted Bombay to the British as dowry. Governor Gerald Aungier, in 1669 formed a police militia comprising 500 Bhandaris.

Like the Kolis they are the original inhabitants of Bombay. Today Mumbai’s force can be traced back to the Bhandari militia. By 1672 law courts started, but the judges did not have any proper legal knowledge or training in the law dealings. The situation of the Policing and Law courts remained unchanged for a long time.

Did you know- Kolkata’s history of the present police system goes back to the days of the British East India company of  1720.

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