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Rachamah or Egyptian Vulture 1790 Copperplate Engraving

This is an antique 1790 print of the Egyptian Vulture also known as Rachamah in Hebrew. The text reads “Rachamah” and “London Published Feb 10th, 1790 by G. Robinson & Co.” This copperplate engraving reminds us that the bird once abundantly found in India in the 1700s. But now declined considerably because of it consuming pesticide ingested dead cows, goats, and other herbivores.

Delhi alone had 12000 to 15000 of this vulture at one time in the 1970s. But like elsewhere declined rapidly thought to be because of pesticide poisoning. Its habitat range from Southwestern Europe and Northern Africa to India. It characteristically uses tools such as pebbles or twigs to break large-sized eggs to feed on. Read more in- Egyptian Vulture. 

This is a rare 1790 copperplate engraving leaf from a book. Engraved by Heath from the original drawing of James Bruce. The print measures 11 x 8 inch.

Did you know- the Rachamah is also mentioned in the Bible. And it was a sacred bird in ancient Pharaonic Egypt. The use of the vulture as a symbol of royalty in Egyptian culture and their protection by Pharaonic law made the species common on the streets of Egypt.

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