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The Worlds Largest Camera – Old Photo 1900

This was the world’s largest camera its record is unsurpassed till today. Built in 1900 specially for the purpose of shooting the world’s largest photograph of a brand new railway train. It took a single picture of a new railway train for which this camera was actually set up. The mammoth camera was designed by George R. Lawrence, a photographer inventor.

After he received an order from the Chicago & Alton Railroad USA for a perfect contact picture of one of the brand new trains. The glass plate where the image is created was of a mammoth 8 x 4¼ ft in size. George Lawrence is shown standing on the top right side. Read more- This Was the World’s Largest Camera Back in 1900.

This photo was created in 1968 from the original that is lying with the Smithsonian Museum in the USA. And was included in the book American Album: Rare Photographs Collected by the Editors of American Heritage. 

Did you know- built in a record time of two-and-a-half months by camera manufacturer J. A. Anderson, It weighed 635 kgs and took 15 men to operate it. It cost $5000 in 1899 or $154,000 (Rs  in todays rate 

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