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European Bee Eater Bird 1790 Copperplate Engraving

This is another antique print of the Bee Cuckoo or the European Bee-Eater. See my earlier post- Rachamah or Egyptian Vulture 1790 Copperplate Engraving. The text reads “Bee Cuckoo” and “London Published Jan 19th, 1790 by G. Robinson & Co.” I’m not sure what is this species commonly called but perhaps it is the European Bee-Eater. Read more in- Birds of India. 

Distributed in North India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Middle-East, Southern and Eastern Europe, and Northwest Africa. As the name suggests the Bee-Eater feeds on honey bees, wasps, hornets, dragonflies, and so on. This is a rare 1790 copperplate engraving of the bee cuckoo or European Bee Eater is a  leaf from a 1790 book. Engraved by Heath from the original drawing of James Bruce. The print measures 11 x 8 inch.

Did You Know- Peacock is the national bird of India. Indian Government declared the Peacock as the National Bird of India in 1963. The Peacock is spread across the country and is familiar to the common man.

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