Old Courthouse Street British Era Calcutta, 1880 Photo

old court house street calcutta

An old 1880 photo of the Old Courthouse Street during British era Calcutta (Kolkata). The road extended from Esplanade Row to Lal Bazaar in Kolkata and it was the business nerve center in the British Raj Days. Many established high-end colonial business addresses were located in this road. It had the unusual name of “old courthouse” because there was a courthouse that had no longer existed.

The British Raj bestowed upon Kolkatta many fine buildings and broad streets at the time of colonial rule until 1947. This old photo of Calcutta in 1880 shows a busy road. With horse-drawn carriages, British business establishments, and tram lines.

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Did you know- Kolkata has an “Old Dog Racecourse Road” reminder to dog races that were held in the dog racecourse by the British before India’s independence. 

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Boone & Shepherd