Maharajah of Cochin At Onam Celebration, 1948 Postcard

Maharajah of Cochin At Onam Celebration, 1948 Postcard

A 1948 postcard of the Maharaja of Cochin at the annual Onam Celebrations. The Athachamayam is a precursor to the 10-day grand Kerala Onam Festival.  That is when the Maharaja of Cochin (Kochi) participates to start the festivity. It was a sight to behold the Maharajah Parikshith Thampuran of Cochin Royal Family carried on a huge palanquin.

The palanquin was placed on a specially-made open-top car, see image. The Athachamayam was traditionally hosted at Tripunithura near the Cochin Maharaja’s Palace. A cultural extravaganza followed with a float procession, traditional Kerala dances like the ever-captivating puli kali (tiger dance), theyyam, chendamelam with its fast-beating drums that swayed the huge crowd of onlookers.

The Maharaja was carried to a temple 12 km away, he would offer special prayers before returning to his Hill palace in Tripunithura. The Athachamayam ceremony is still hosted in Tripunithura even today. The Maharaja’s present lineage officiates the festival with pomp and ceremony, though unlike the past.

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Did you know- that Onam is celebrated by all religions in Kerala denoting inclusiveness. 

From the collection- Raja Ravi Varma’s “Birth of Shakuntala” Oleograph 1894., General Post Office Building In Chennai – Old Photograph 1890.,  Vintage Postcard Toddy Wallahs Madras., Rioting In Southern India – Old print 1921