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Maharaja of Bikaner With Lord Mountbatten – Old Photo 1948

Old 1948 news photo of Maharaja of Bikaner with Lord Mountbatten. The Maharaja Sri Sadul Singh and Mountbatten both seen at the Lallgarh Palace in Bikaner. Mountbatten conferred the star of India order to the Maharaja on his 3-day visit to Bikaner in 1948. Lord Louis Mountbatten was the last Viceroy of India (1947) and the first governor-general of independent India (1947–1948).

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An excerpt from the Indian Express newspaper of 31 Oct 2017- The issue of the princely states was not an easy affair to resolve. Often perceived to be dissolute and inept, the princes had largely been pampered by the British on one hand and taken advantage of on the other for their own political gains. Most of the Maharajas thought nothing about the announcement of India’s independence. They wanted to return back to their independent princely statehood.

Did you know- that he was a Lt. General and according to records he fought in WWII in Persia, the Middle East, and Burma. 

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