Madras Water Supply Red Hills Lake – Old Postcard 1907

Old 1907 postcard of the Red Hills Lake or Puzhal Lake that supplies water to Madras, now Chennai. The postcard is hand dated 24/1/07, with a message and addressed to Mrs. Havells in South Wales (England). Built by the British, the Red Hills reservoir once supplied water to Madras in the British Raj era and still does.

But in the early years of colonial rule village ponds and wells were the major source of water supply to the city. But freshwater from these sources gradually became scarce because of the city’s rapid growth, which led to greater consumption of freshwater. Overdrawing of water eventually led to the emergence of brackish water from the ponds and wells.

Irregular monsoons added to the woes of the city. The British then built a vast freshwater reservoir at Red Hills in 1876 that was near to the city. They in 1881 installed the Jones Tower meant to check the water storage level. But Chennai city outgrew its great thirst for water, and today it relies not one but several freshwater reservoirs for its water supply.

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Did you know- unlike today, a once bygone Madras had an age-old traditional water conservation system with numerous water bodies, rivers, with a British built Buckingham canal. 

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