Lady Hardinge War Hospital Bombay In WWI, 1915 Postcard

Lady Hardinge War Hospital Bombay In WWI, 1915 Postcard

A 1915 postcard of Lady Hardinge War Hospital in Bombay (Mumbai) during WWI. The building was originally intended for the Prince Of Wales Museum in 1914. Before its completion in 1914, it was converted into a hospital building. Since World War I broke out there was a shortage of hospital beds. Many of the Indian troops sent to Europe faced casualties, they were brought to Bombay for treatment.

There was a shortage of hospital beds in the city. It is then the Bombay Presidency decided to temporarily convert the museum into a war hospital, the building was described as most suitable for its new purpose. It was capable of accommodating 250 beds, makeshift cabins were erected on the outside yard for the purpose of office, clinic, operation theater, staff residence, etc.

These are partly visible in the postcard. The converted hospital was named – Lady Hardinge War Hospital, in honour, of then Viceroy, Lord Charles Hardinge’s wife. The structure was designed by George Wittet, giving it an Indian character. Wittet was famed for his architectural design of the Gateway of India.

By 1918 after the end of WWI, the structure underwent restoration to function as originally intended the Prince of Wales Museum. It opened its doors in January 1920 after an official ceremony. Lady Lloyd presided over the impressive ceremony, she was the wife of George Lloyd, Governor of then Bombay Presidency.

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Did you know- that the Foundation Stone was laid by the Prince of Wales in 1905.

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