King George’s Car At Delhi Durbar – Old Postcard 1911

Old 1911 photo postcard that shows King George V’s Landaulette car at the 1911 Delhi Durbar. One of the views shows a motor car specially made for the British Sovereign for this special occasion. The vehicle was made by the Standard Motor Co of England.

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Started in England in 1903 it had a good run in sales for quite some time. It was also sold in the British India era. So much so after India’s independence, a factory was set up in Madras, now Chennai in 1951.

The company, down the years, manufactured models like the Standard Companion, Herald, Gazel, and so on. The production lasted up to the 1980s thereafter it had to close down. Many old-timers and taxi owners may recall this charming automobile that served the owner well.

The title at the bottom reads- Naval Guard of Honour arrive at the review- Delhi 1911. The Delhi Durbar was a massive event to mark the coronation of the monarch to King-Emperor of India.

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Did you know- in 1936 plans were in progress for a fourth durbar to be held in 1937, but King Edward VIII abdicated his throne by December 1936. 

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